Submission Guidelines

All the manuscripts submitted to the NSJIS must be proceed through online journal system with following steps:

Step 1. Starting the Submission

  1. Journal Section: please choose your manuscript based on criteria of research article, review or opinion article;
  2. Submission Checklist: in this step, the author should make a thick of submission checklist (it should be checked);
  3. Comment for the Editor (optional): the author can add comment for the editor (i.e information of submission, the statement of manuscript originality or statement that manuscript has never published in the other media of publication at the same time). Then save and continue.

Step 2. Uploading the Submission

  1. Upload Submission File: click browse to upload your manuscript and then upload. Please click save and continue;
  2. Submission File: This part contain the identity of document. You need to make sure the uploaded file is correct. Then click save and continue;
  3. Replace Submission File (optional): if you have wrong manuscript in the step 2.a, please replace submission file and the click upload, then save and continue.

Step 3. Entering the Submission’s Metadata

  1. Authors: in this part, you can complete or change your metadata and add author if the writer more than one persons;
  2. Tittle and Abstract: Fill the title and abstract (in English). If manuscript uses bahasa, fill the title with bahasa and abstract in English. If the manuscript in English, please fill tittle and abstract in English;
  3. Indexing (optional): Fill with the column with sub-discipline, research method of your manuscript;
  4. Contributor and Supporting Agencies (optional): you can fill with the information of supporting institution in the process of writing or research of your manuscript (i.e. research institution, university or external funding);
  5. Reference: Fill with reference based on your citation in the body of text. The number of citation and reference should be the same. Then click Save and continue.

Step 4. Uploading Supplementary Files

  1. Upload Supplementary File (optional): fill with supporting information (i.e. author curriculum vitae, statement of the manuscript originality and the statement that manuscript never been published in the others media of publication at the same time. Then Save and Continue.

Step 5. Confirming the Submission

  1. File Summary: In this part the author can make sure the identity of manuscript or you can replace submission file if you got wrong in the step 2. Then click finish submission.

You will get the e-mail from the board shortly after all the steps is done. The decision will be informed from the board through e-mail consist of accepted without revision, accepted with revision or rejected.