Implementasi Steganografi Teknik Eof Dengan Gabungan Enkripsi Rijndael, Shift Cipher Dan Fungsi Hash Md5

Sukrisno Amikom, Ema Utami


Files are set of data or information that related one to another, have names and stored in secondary storage. Together with the development of information and communication technology (ICT), the files sending process between one person to another person have becoming necessary. For example, the transaction files exchange in the company, files exchange in the goverment military organization, etc.
The files exchange will make the unauthorized people want to know the content of the files exhanged. Its cause the criminality of information and communication technology. However, this criminality can be minimalized using some tehcniques that make the data become secure. We can use the criptography technique to make the data become secure. Criptography is the art to make data secrecy by change the data unreadable. Criptography have three element, that is encryption, decryption and key. The another technique is using steganography. It different with criptography technique which easily to detect its being althuogh it hard to be understanded, the steganography technique hide the data in it’s media files. Steganography using computer program also called digital watermarking.
 In this research, we use the rijndael encryption and shift cipher to encrypt the data. While the key using for rijndael encryption will be hashed by md5 hash function. The using technique in steganography is End Of File (EOF) technique. The result of this research prove that the EOF steganography technique not damage the media files that used to hide data.

Keywords : Files, steganography, criptography, encription, rijndael.

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