Analisis Rute Dan Jalan Terpilih Untuk Suatu Perjalanan Di Dalam Batas Jalan-Lingkar Yogyakarta Berbasis Sistem Informasi Geografi

Petrus Paryono (Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana - Yogyakarta), Wilson (Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana - Yogyakarta)


Road network is a vital infrastructure for transportation either for people which travels from one place to another place, or for consumer goods distributions. People usually choose a certain route which is suitable for himself/herself when he/she planned to go to some place. Actually, there are another routes which can be taken for a same destination. Whenever there is a detour for a closed road or a change in direction (one way or two way) he/she can still take the other routes. This situation will be oke if there is only few people uses the roads. Unfortunately there are many people uses the same roads and perhaps the same routes. This will lead to traffic jams in several roads and cause problems for transportation.
This study used modified generate and test algorithm to analyse the possible routes and which roads are passed more frequent. This algorithm is based on directed graph from graph theory. The algorithm is implemented to a real spatial data (georeferenced digital roads) and used Geographical Information System application script (ArcView Avenue) for the analysis. The area for these study is bounded by ringroads (north, east, south, and west) in Yogyakarta Province.
The experiments was conducted for several conditions, i.e. close one road, change two-way into one-way road and applied to several start and finish selections. These experiments gave good results and with simple interpretation, information of vital roads rank when they are closed or changed in directions can be viewed.
Keywords: route, road, geographical information system 

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