Ari Wibowo (Mahasiswa Pascasarjana Program Studi Teknik Mesin)


Bronze is material that usually used in musical instrument. Saxophone, trumpet, cymbal of drum, and Indonesia traditional orchestra gamelan are the common example of the used of bronze as musical instrument. For musical instrument that need to be tuned precisely, like gamelan, it is known that there are some tuning change after it used for several time. The theory that developed to discus the tuning change is about residual stress. Because of the production of gamelan, with some forging activities, there will be large amount of residual stress. The objective of this research is to prove that the residual stress release will affect to the change of the tone frequency of bronze.
 Experimental analysis is used to prove the hypothesis. The specimens consist of three plates of bronze. Residual stress is given to the plate by forging. Residual stress than release from the plate by vibration method and the change of the tone frequency is measured. The result show that there are changes in tone frequency after the residual stress is release. 

Keywords: residual stress, bronze, frequency, vibration

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