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Besides English is now the Japanese began to demand among students to learn. Japanese language has unique characteristics so interesting to learn. Many tools that are can used to learn Japanese. One such tool is the digital dictionary. The principle of the digital dictionary is the same with books dictionaries, but dictionaries are not in the form of books but is an application installed on your PC or notebook.

With the Indonesian Japanese digital dictionary is expected to help in learning the Japanese language. As we know the use of dictionaries Indonesian Japanese books considered less practical because we need to find on every page. For that Indonesian Japanese digital dictionary to be the solution to the problem. Also a Japanese word that continues to grow also cause problems for the use of the dictionary book. To be updated with new words that the facility can update or add the word given in the digital dictionary. With this facility the user can continue to add updates vocabulary.

For students who have started klangan certainly adept at writing Japanese sentences using hiragana and kanji is the next stage. In this dictionary also  written in hiragana and kanji. Besides tha,t changing verbs and adjectives in Japanese is also provided in the digital dictionary. Which aim to facilitate the user in learning the Japanese language.

Keywords: digital dictionary, Japanese, hiragana, kanji, update

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