Pembangunan aplikasi pelajaran pertamaku untuk anak-anak prasekolah berbasis multimedia

Anita carolina


Along with the advancement in information technology, serving the information would be more interesting if presented in a medium that can combine various forms of information there, so the more interesting people to see. Software applications that are suitable for this requirement is a multimedia software application that can provide information through form text, images, animation, sound and video. In this thesis, the authors build software associated with multimedia technology
education, with the title First Lessons Application Development For Preschool Children Based Multimedia. The name of this application as simple as possible so that users (children preschool age) can enjoy this learning. The material presented in this APP, are taken material taken from textbooks in school. Material itself is f amiliar with numbers, addition, subtraction, recognize letters, complete the letter, select the letter.
In a system of multimedia-based APP is, we need a program capable of making a combination of text, images, audio, video and animation in an interactive computer. To realize this make use of writer software Adobe Director MX, Macromedia Flash MX
2004, Shoting glanda 2005, Cool editpro, Adobe photoshop CS3 with Windows Xp operating system.This system helps the children in the learning process.

keywords : Multimedia, Interactive, the children s