Chris Putut Wijayanto


The knowledge and technology devolopemnt that quickly obliges us to follow the development expecially in the world education is an important  aspect of  building reliable and quality human  Resource Department. One of important technology information factor is media that help to learn sign language commonly,  to be understood as communication media as usual, to be understood with lipsreading (spoken) and written.

The teacher uses Indonesian sign language system for some years to handle activities such as the record of languages and decision making supporter.
Although so,there is two of important thing that relate with the interesting sign language lesson to learn. During the teacher bestows all of new system making about indonesian sign language. Addition, the small application development is for the interest of making report is handled by itself by the teacher. Be related with that thing, there is some interesting  questions : What to have to be prepared by the teacher go heading to application development by itself to enhance knowledge of sign language for deaf people? How to make a sign language training that has a computer base? The decision making development new system as far is handled by the techer to teach languages.

On the contrary, we will try to analyze the main of the discussion and the result is towarded to give suggestion for teachers in managing Indonesian sign language system. Besides that, we also recommend the teacher side to develop sign language database to provide data that has been saved database with the purpose of enhancing  result of sign language that better for d